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Mountain biking is a fun sport, loved by many. At Wrench Ride and Roost in Moab, Utah, owner Lawrence Grella has been studying body position of cyclists for generations. Earlier on, balancing ski racers showed him much power could be gained through Balance and Alignment. The diligent trials began, starting from zero core-strength after, the Doctor's bridged his Pelvis back together. They did a great job, but Lawrence's job was just beginning. First thing was being placed on the bike so he could be solidly balanced and pedal effortlessly became the first challenge. It took less than a year, to get back to a 5 hour day in the saddle. The pedal fluidity he was striving for was achieved ultimately and benefiting in several ways. Lawrence can help you find the sweet spot on your bike, the lack of kinks in the circles which you pedal, mean more miles forever possible.


Excelling at this sport requires a properly fit bike. You'll find that having the proper frame size and making customized adjustments based on your body's needs, ensures comfort, stability and putting you in balance on top of the bike. Other benefits include relief of aches and pains, the ability to ride longer, and keeping you upright or rubber side down. "You cannot be dynamic from an out of Balance Stance." This works in any sport I can think of. The importance of fitting and balancing each individual rider became apparent.

Breakfast in Bed

When the time comes to rest and relax after your ride, the Biker's Bunkhouse is a great place. We are proud to offer the first bed and breakfast catering to riders! We offer trail maps, bike loading, shuttles available to the ride or home again. For quickest scheduling of your vacation, please visit us on Airbnb.com at Wrench Ride and Roost.


About Us

Contact Wrench Ride and Roost in Moab, Utah, for professional fitting of your mountain bike and trail recommendations by owner Lawrence Grella. He has been working in the industry approaching 30 years revolutionizing the fit process, frame selection process, new bike assembly and suspension set-up, across the United States. This unique service is tailored to those who enjoy biking and want to continue for the rest of their days. Recognizing the difference between a smooth road ride and technical off-road riding, and that the differences in terrain warrant a relaxed fit. Striving for balance began in 2001, right after being struck by a lumber truck and having to learn to walk and ride a bike again. L.G. has used the bicycle to rebuild himself from many normally career-ending injuries. Biking as rehabilitation can help build muscle, technique, and minimize the wear and tear on your body. L.G. has worked coast-to-coast in a range of bike shops, from Mom and Pop Shops to well established top 10 USA Bike Shops. Now he's bringing that experience and passion to Moab, to share with all of you!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make every rider a more balanced and more effective rider. "Balance before Dynamism." Let us smooth out the Hitch in your Giddy-up.

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