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Managing Pain Through Bicycling

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We all know that strengthening our bodies can improve our pain management when done correctly. Wrench Ride and Roost in Moab, Utah, is dedicated to proper bicycle fitting that can help to reduce pain, improve strength, and even boost the aid of using the bike as rehabilitation.

Basic Fittings

If you have chosen your bike, Lawrence will help you next with an amazing fit. With these numbers, you can also purchase a new bike, based on mechanical advantage. The first adjustments are for the contact points. Cleat position on your shoe determines the starting point for all the other adjustments. Saddle height, fore-aft, and angle, and finally reach to the handlebars, all adjusted to meet your body dimensions perfectly. Modern seat posts offer two common positions for holding the saddle—one with zero offset and another being 2+centimeters offset. This option helps to get the knee over the pedal while increasing the mechanical advantage, and helping to relieve strains on the lower back, Achilles tendons, hamstrings, and the sit bones...meanwhile unlocking the body to perform.

Eliminating Pain

Most people use bikes for fitness, and everyone will run into aches and pains at some point. By following some guidelines, you can eliminate the pain that accompanies an improper fitting bike. It's always wise to take care of being well placed on the bike before problems arise. For instance, incorrectly placed saddles can lead to lower back pain, neck pain, numb hands, cramping calves, etc. Having a saddle that cradles your skeleton, without pitching you onto your hands, is essential.

Mechanical Advantage

Skeletal alignment or stacking can help reduce muscular effort and fatigue while increasing endurance by creating an advantage for you. This advantage allows you to reduce the wear-and-tear on your body. As road and mountain biking are two different sports, it's important to ensure your mountain bike is fit for mountain biking and the trails you ride. You'll want to make some subtle adjustments to your suspension settings when riding different terrain types. Tires and pressures dictate your traction and control, helping you get through the obstacles, all the while still on your bike.

Photo Fitting

We can sometimes tell very quickly what adjustments could be made to your bike's fitting, just by seeing you on it. Send us a photo of yourself on your mountain bike, and we can make recommendations quickly, even if you can't bring your bike to us. This service is also available thru the use of video clips. We need to see frontal and side shots, in your riding posture, from your pedal to your head. We will respond as quickly as we can.  If you send me before and after pictures, I will happily post before and after body positions, for your benefit. Remember to sit on the widest part of the saddle, if it's too wide to get back there, it's probably too wide.

Cleat Placement

Most bike shops feel that cleats should be placed based under the first metatarsal of the foot. Most top bike fitters understand that this is too far forward, leaving you off-balance and potentially prone to go over the bars. Over more than 20 years of bike-fitting experience, we've found that moving that position further back, in the direction of the fifth metatarsal allows the entire foot more stability and comfort, efficiency, and control. This also allows for another mechanical advantage, as you are placed in a more balanced stance. Trying to balance forward of this point, is like seeking balance on the unstable and mobile part of the foot. This rearward position cleat mounting may also relieve excessive knee wobble.

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